Site Changes at New Stocks Page, Stock Category Pages and Company Pages

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I’m pleased to announce some significant changes on we have a new stocks page up as well as stock category pages and company pages. Our new stocks page is a gateway to the new site changes. In addition to our list of stocks, we’ve added links to the major stock categories at the top of the stocks page to let you navigate to specific categories you’re interested in. Our new solar page is an example of our stock category pages. The solar page contains a list of solar stocks and an abbreviated stock quote for those companies. If you click on a company name in the solar stock list, you will be taken to a page specifically for that company. The solar page also contains solar news headlines pertaining to the solar industry and solar investing. The full list of stock categories can be found on our main stocks page – the more popular stock categories can be found in the top navigation of our site which appears on every page. The Ascent Solar is an example of a company page. Here you will find a more detailed stock quote for the company and news headlines for Ascent Solar. We’ve also given our Cleantech News page a new look and made the headlines easier to scan. On this page, you’ll find the news healines pertaining to cleantech as a whole. If you’ve not signed up by RSS or email to our Cleantech News, this is a great way for the headlines in the cleantech world to be brought to you – you’ll find a subscription link at the bottom of the headlines. Over time, we will be expanding the features of these pages and improving upon their usefulness. As alway, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.


  1. Have you considered including PTRP and QCLN in the ETF section?
    I bought some shares of PTRP when I was looking for a way to invest in railroads. The PTRP index also includes New Flyer Industries.

  2. Why do you (only) list SPWRA as the stock for Sunpower? There is a second class of shares, SPWRB, with equal (actually greater) rights trading at a major discount to SPWRA shares, which should be pointed out to potential investors.

  3. disdaniel we agree about the need to have more than 1 ticker per stock. At this time, our application does not support it but we are planning on modifcations to allow for this.

  4. I have been following Seesmart Technologies (OTC: SEST.PK) and havn’t seen a listing on the site. Seesmart LED is a fast growing leader in energy efficient lighting solutions providing a great return on investment. Any chance a will get added into one of the existing categories.


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