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170 lawmakers sign resolution calling for Scott Pruitt’s resignation, including zero Republicans
Climate Progress - 2018-04-18 - More At: The Sietch Blog  

Earth Day should Celebrate “Engines and Electricity”
Watts Up With That? - 2018-04-23

Securities lending proves lucrative as investors aim for alpha - 2018-04-23

Asia equities mixed as US-North Korea summit nears - 2018-04-23

Asia stocks struggle with rising yields; oil stays high
Reuters: Business News - 2018-04-23

Michael Bloomberg Pays USA’s Paris Agreement Tithe
Watts Up With That? - 2018-04-23

European banks rely on equity for half of market value - 2018-04-23

Explainer: LME’s global metals role amid Rusal sanctions
Rising Star Stocks - 2018-04-23

Joe Arpaio steals the show, lashes out at critics, at Bikers For Trump rally
Climate Progress - 2018-04-23

The rise of renewables casts doubt on Europe’s nuclear future - Energy Utilities Mining - 2018-04-23

America's Smart Grid Dreams Fading Without Congressional Support
Forbes Energy News - 2018-04-23

Asia equities register mixed reaction to easing geopolitical risk
Rising Star Stocks - 2018-04-23

Report: Sean Hannity received HUD help on multimillion dollar property deals - 2018-04-23

Kanye West tweets love for his Tesla - CNET
Green Tech blog - 2018-04-23

Westworld's season 2 premiere just confirmed some major fan theories - CNET
Green Tech blog - 2018-04-23

Glencore eyes capital raise for Congo copper project - Energy Utilities Mining - 2018-04-23

Shipbroker Clarkson warns on profits in ‘challenging’ environment
Energy Filter - 2018-04-23

UK, Michigan to collaborate on self-driving car rules
Energy Filter - 2018-04-23

Subsea 7 gatecrashes $6bn engineering merger - Energy Utilities Mining - 2018-04-23

A major Chinese investor just cut its Deutsche Bank stake - 2018-04-23

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