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Pay very close attention to what Trump’s lawyer is saying. He’s making absolutely no sense.
Climate Progress - 2017-12-04 - More At: The Sietch Blog  

Banks criticised for funding coal deals despite Paris agreement - Energy Utilities Mining - 2017-12-11

Corbyn backs call for MPs’ pension fund to divest fossil fuels - Energy Utilities Mining - 2017-12-11

"Two Natural Gas Charts To Start Winter, 2017-2018"
Climateer Investing - 2017-12-11

12 Stocks To Buy To Keep The Gains Going In 2018
Forbes Market News - 2017-12-11

Importance of Aerosols (Particulates): Another Failure of the IPCC and ‘Modern’ Climate Science
Watts Up With That? - 2017-12-11

Miners rise after Chinese trade data beats forecasts - Energy Utilities Mining - 2017-12-11

Global arms sales rise for the first time in 5 years - 2017-12-11

Malthus Redux
Watts Up With That? - 2017-12-11

Futures trading arrives for bitcoin - 2017-12-11

Uber heads to court in fight for London survival
Reuters: Business News - 2017-12-11

Asia markets lack traction despite Wall Street advance
Rising Star Stocks - 2017-12-11

Life After Demonetization: Meet The Local Startups Driving Digitization In India's New Economy
Forbes Market News - 2017-12-11

Taleb: Don't Short Bitcoin
Climateer Investing - 2017-12-11

The Australian Securities Exchange Endorses The Distributed Ledger -- But Don't Call It Blockchain
Forbes Market News - 2017-12-11

Norway’s dilemma over an oil fund without oil - Energy Utilities Mining - 2017-12-11

Weapons Grade Goofiness: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un can control the weather
Watts Up With That? - 2017-12-11

Bitcoin futures surge past $18,000; Asian shares firm
Reuters: Business News - 2017-12-11

Natural gas golden age becomes golden bubble - Energy Utilities Mining - 2017-12-11

Bitcoin futures rocket past $18,000; Asian shares buoyant
Reuters: Business News - 2017-12-11

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