Nuclear Stocks: Too Hot for an Eco Portfolio?

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Nuclear energy is not the “bad boy” it once was

For many years, nuclear energy was labelled as a potential threat to the environment as well as the global population.  Interestingly enough, the memories of the disasters at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island are now distant and the perspective of nuclear energy is changing in positive fashion.  The growing worries created by the ballooning demands on the world’s energy sources, an increase in the competition for energy supplies, rising concerns regarding global warming, and the volatility of the gas and oil prices are reasons that many countries are now re-thinking the nuclear energy proposition.

Why investing in nuclear stocks could be ecologically positive

Politicians and scientists around the world are now viewing nuclear energy as being eco-friendly as well as an economic and efficient solution to the Earth’s looming energy and environmental crisis that we are currently facing.  In so many words, investing in nuclear stocks is now an option that is back on the table and is being viewed as an ecologically positive investment.  Unlike fossil fuel combustion, nuclear energy does not leave a carbon footprint on the environment.  In other words, it does not produce the excessive amounts of carbon dioxide that fossil fuels do.

Nuclear stocks

Where stock trading is concerned, there are numerous reasons to consider investing in nuclear stocks and in the long run, there could be huge benefits, not only for the investors themselves, but the environment as well.  For instance, there is an abundant supply of uranium which as most people know is the primary basis of nuclear energy compared to so many other commodities.  The following are other reasons why investing in nuclear stocks is moving towards the forefront again:

  • concerns over global warming
  • erratic pricing of fossil fuels
  • high-profile catastrophes related to coal and oil production
  • surging demands for energy on a global scale

Environmental and political agendas are now pushing nuclear energy back towards the top of the list of priorities where the above are all concerned.

What are the moral benefits if any?

The moral benefits of investing in nuclear stocks are not necessarily based in financial gains as much as it relates to socially responsible investing overall.  As an alternative energy source and one that does not leave the carbon footprints on the environment that fossil fuels do, it is inevitable that investing in nuclear stocks could be beneficial.  Socially responsible investing describes the type of investment strategy that maximises both financial gains as well as the social good.  It is also referred to as ethical, socially conscious, or sustainable investing.

From the standpoint of being morally beneficial, that may still be up for speculation as nuclear energy is still not the preferred energy source that many environmentalists feel will solve the problems we are currently encountering in the global environment.  However, based on the above, we may not have any other viable alternative energy options to choose from other than the current ones – hydro, solar, and wind.  In so many words, nuclear energy and re-investing in it may benefit the Earth’s chances at survival.


  1. The nuclear energy isn’t the bad guy. If all safety conditions are met the nuclear energy could be the greenest energy. So I am the one of those who appreciate all kind of alternative energy which reduce the carbon emission. Through the news from my blog I am trying to promote this kind of message too.
    Nice work, keep going.


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