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Publicly traded companies involved in nuclear energy generation.

Nuclear Energy Stocks

Company (Ticker)Last TradeChange%
Acorn Energy Inc. (ACFN)0.230.00+0.00%
Areva (ARVCF)4.810.00+0.00%N/AN/AN/A0
EnergySolutions, Inc. (ES)55.00-0.07-0.13%55.1555.4554.721373740
Exelon Corp. (EXC)35.800.06+0.17%35.7835.8935.555318136
General Electric (GE)30.53-0.68-2.18%30.7630.9030.3083552728
Global Power Equipment (GLPW)5.35-0.03-0.61%5.395.405.2546260
Global X Uranium ETF (URA)16.010.07+0.44%16.2416.5215.91564063
IBC Advanced Alloys Corp (IAALF)0.330.00+0.000%N/AN/AN/A0
International Isotopes (INIS)0.080.00+0.0000%
iShares S&P Global Nuclear Energy Index (NUCL)N/A0.00+0%N/AN/AN/A0
Lightbridge Corporation (LTBR)0.93-0.04-4.12%0.960.980.91286790
Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF (NLR)47.960.16+0.33%48.0948.0947.96652
Siemens (SIEGY)125.001.15+0.93%124.85125.16124.5544430
Silex Systems Limited (SLX.AX)0.500.00+1.01%0.500.500.5019831
UR Energy, Inc. (URG)0.770.00+0.20%0.790.810.76553533

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