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Publicly traded companies involved in nuclear energy generation.

Nuclear Energy Stocks

Company (Ticker)Last TradeChange%
Acorn Energy Inc. (ACFN)2.84-0.07-2.41%2.932.952.72390182
Areva (ARVCF)23.210.09+0.39%23.2123.2123.2110
EnergySolutions, Inc. (ES)0.00N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Exelon Corp. (EXC)36.000.71+2.01%35.4436.0035.397257576
General Electric (GE)25.820.11+0.43%25.6725.8925.5830285404
Global Power Equipment (GLPW)19.650.73+3.86%19.0619.7518.4534270
Global X Uranium ETF (URA)16.20-0.24-1.46%16.6016.6016.01313593
IBC Advanced Alloys Corp (IAALF)0.160.00-1.68%
International Isotopes (INIS)0.050.00-7.01%
iShares S&P Global Nuclear Energy Index (NUCL)36.810.11+0.31%N/A36.8136.81135
Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF (NLR)50.150.17+0.34%50.0550.1550.052459
PowerShares Global Nuclear Energy Portfolio ETF (PKN)
Siemens (SI)131.72-1.36-1.02%132.59133.09130.05322080
Silex Systems Limited (SLX.AX)2.01-0.01-0.50%
UR Energy, Inc. (URG)1.34-0.07-4.96%1.421.421.291241136

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