The Week In Cleantech (Jul 20 to Jul 26) – Will The US Solar PV Market Disappoint?

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On Sunday, Edgar A. Gunther at Gunther Portfolio provided some silicon updates from Intesolar North America 2008. Solar investors never get enough silicon updates, so here’s another one! On Monday, Stacy Feldman at Solve Climate told us that China was now making increasingly more wind power parts. Actually, she is reporting on an article that was written last week and that I missed because I took a break from the Week In Cleantech last weekend. With regards to Chinese companies active in wind, we already list some in our Cleantech Stocks section, and will be sure to keep on top of it. On Tuesday, CNN Money reported that fundamentals were to responsible for the run in the price of oil. That’s great news! This should ensure alt energy doesn’t fall out of favor anytime soon. On Wednesday, Ucilian Wang at Greentech Media informed us that the electric car market could race for materials. Commodity traders take heed! On Thursday, Heath Aston at the Times reported that Ford was pinning hopes on small cars. Who needs McKinsey when you have On Friday, Notable Calls reported on a bearish call on the US PV market. Apparently, the utilities ain’t having it with PV, and prefer its cousin CSP. Needless to say, my favorite wind is and will stay on a tear, although that’s not in the report… The Week In Cleantech is a collection of our favorite stories from the past week generated by our Cleantech News service. Register your site with us if you want your articles to appear here.


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