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I get a large number of emails asking "What do you think of Company X?"  Unlike Jim Cramer, I don’t have a lot to say about companies I have not been following, so all I usually do is point the reader to the most recent related article (something they could have found with the search feature in the right nav bar), if I have written one.   However, this spring I decided to research a couple companies solely based on reader’s requests, and the articles have proven very popular, especially the one on Petrosun’s Algae Farms.

The recent surge of email I’ve gotten has convinced me that it’s time to do it again.  As I did last time, I’ll collect suggestions in the comments on this entry, and when I have five or more, I’ll put together a poll to see which companies most readers are interested in.  Note that even if you’ve sent me an email request in the past, I want to favor the suggestions of regular readers, so please take the time to leave a comment.  If you like, you can also make the case as to why this particular company is interesting… I’ll make reference to any such comments when I do the poll.

I know it’s a lot more complicated than shooting me off an email, but this way, you might actually get a useful answer.

Tom Konrad


  1. What are your feelings about Valcent (VCTPF). Is it to soon to know what process will be most valid for growing algea. I do like the bioreactor method over the ponds for growing. Am I better off with the makers of the reactors or the companies that will operate them?

  2. Just got this from an email subscriber:
    Hi Tom,
    Stocks I’d love you guys to dig in and give your opinion about: ESLR, SOLF, SATC, CPTC.
    Keep up the good work.
    It’s no problem asking about multiple companies, but I’ll only write about the once that are also popular in the poll. I may disqualify Composite Tech Corp (CPTC) since I have written extensively about that company, including once as the result of the last Readers’ Choice.

  3. Hi,
    I know you have talked about it before but is there any future for AAER?
    Also these are out of the AE realm but GSPG, RBY, and ASTM

  4. Sorry, Ryan, I’m not going to write about companies which aren’t in Alternative Energy, but I’ll put AAER in the list. Charles has written about that company in the past, but I have not looked into it.

  5. Tom,
    How about LTHU? On the pinks and has had some management issues in the past, but recently have had great PR working with VW, Audi (on a hybrid racecar) and EnerSys. Thoughts on their beating the odds?

  6. I wouldn’t mind seeing an update on the wave power sector or the geothermal sector. OPTT or HTM maybe.

  7. Do you have an opinion on China Wind Systems (CWSI.OB)? The company is starting to make forged rolled rings, and plans on makes gearboxes. The wind energy market in China looks very promising.

  8. Glen- your follow-up came in after I had posted the poll, but I added it while the poll was in progress.
    All- I’m now closing the comments… thanks for all the suggestions.

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