Alternative Energy Stocks Portfolio Update

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It’s been six weeks since I last provided readers with an update on the Paper Portfolio.  According to the guidelines I laid out there, stocks are added to the portfolio when Chares or I mention them positively for the first time (leaving out ones for which Yahoo! finance does not have historical data, which are mostly pink sheet stocks.)  Here are the ones we’ve added since then.

Stock Article Date Added Price Price 9/5/07
DOW Investing in energy Efficient Homes 7/24/07 $47.20 $42.20
OC Investing in energy Efficient Homes 7/24/07 $33.00 $24.26
HON Performance Contracting 7/25/07 $60.88 $55.10
ASD Performance Contracting 7/25/07 $40.45 $36.26
GPRE Cellulosic Beef 7/31/07 $18.95 $16.25
USBE Cellulosic Beef 7/31/07 $12.49 $10.71
VSE Cellulosic Beef 7/31/07 $14.30 $13.01
PEIX Cellulosic Beef 7/31/07 $10.22 $11.79
TSN Biodiesel’s Nightmare 8/13/07 $19.96 $19.48
UFS Cellulosic Feedstock 8/29/07 $7.89 $8.25
PCH Cellulosic Feedstock 8/29/07 $42.62 $44.09
BFRE.ob War with Iran? 9/4/07 $4.80 $4.61
CZZ War with Iran? 9/4/07 $10.70 $10.67

According to the quick poll we took on August 16-18, our readers were about evenly divided between the optimists who felt that Alt-E stocks would rise as the market falters, and those who thought Alt-E would fare much worse.  A look at the stocks above shows that, so far, the pessimists have been right.  Personally, I wanted to have it both ways, and would have voted for the 3rd most popular choice "It depends on the Alternative Energy Sector."  

My picks for the most resilient sectors will be those that have the least hype about them, especially energy efficiency, as always.  So far, I’ve been wrong about that; the first four stocks above are all energy efficiency related, but they’ve fallen about 10% in the last 6 weeks, while the S&P has fallen only about 2% over that period.  That just makes me more interested in these stocks.  As you can see from my disclosure below, I’ve been waiting for a good correction before I buy… I think this one has farther to run.

Visit our Portfolio page to see how these stocks are currently doing.

DISCLOSURE: Tom Konrad  and/or his clients have positions in the following companies mentioned here: OC, UFS, PCH.

DISCLAIMER: The information and trades provided here are for informational purposes only and are not a solicitation to buy or sell any of these securities. Investing involves substantial risk and you should evaluate your own risk levels before you make any investment. Past results are not an indication of future performance. Please take the time to read the full disclaimer here.


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