Recycled Holiday Cards

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A couple of weeks back the website had a link to a company called Green Field paper that makes recycled holiday cards. [ more ] greenfield_logo.jpg Well I needed to purchase some cards to send out to clients. So I decided to give them a try. I went to the website and was amazed at all the different choices in recycled card stock. But the cards that suprised me the most are the Grow-a-Note cards. These cards are made from handmade paper and are embedded with a variety of wildflower seeds. So the receipient of the card can just plant it in the soil and wild flowers will bloom the following spring. I thought that was a very novel idea. When I ordered, I had a slight problem with my order and I had the opportunity to talk with the owner Rick Smith via e-mail. He was very attentive and the company and service has been great. The cards arrived in the mail today and the quality of the printing is outstanding and compares to something you would see in your local Hallmark. This is an unpaid endorsement and I just wanted to spread the word about the company. Please consider Greenfield Paper for your holiday card needs (or anytime of the year for your paper needs.) P.S. If your one of my clients, you will be receiving this card in the mail soon 🙂 greenfield_card.jpg


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