Compiling a Directory of Investment Advisors Who Specialize in Green Portfolios

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word cloudMy friends in the divestment movement often ask me how to find an investment advisor who has a focus on fossil fuel free or otherwise green investing, so I thought I would compile a list for publication on

If your advisory firm would like to be on this list, leave a comment with your Firm Name, location (city, state, country), and website, plus no more than 100 characters of notes where you can say whatever you want about your firm.  I will review each firm’s website to make sure that they are properly registered, and that some flavor of green investing features prominently on the website… this list will not be open to advisory firms that do not see green as a core part of their business and present themselves that way.

I will continue to take submissions to the list after initial publication.

Note that also takes paid advertising and sponsored posts from RIAs, mutual funds, and green companies, but the list I am compiling will be open to any qualified firm that wants a listing.

Tom Konrad, Editor

The list can be found here.



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