PowerShares to Launch Water Resources ETF

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water_map.gifPowerShares (the maintainers of the Alternative Energy ETF) are coming out with a new exchange traded fund that focuses on a Water Resources Portfolio. The PowerShares Water Resources Portfolio is based on the Palisades Water Indexâ„¢. The objective of the Palisades Water Indexâ„¢ is to capture the substantial economic value of water that will inevitably be unlocked as the global population adjusts to the linkage between human health, economic development and resource sustainability. [ more ] This new ETF is set to launch sometime in December and is expected to trade with the ticker symbol PHO. While this EFT is not related to Alternative Energy, I wanted to point it out that it many be an excellent vehicle to own for the future. Also water stocks typically fit into most Socially Responsible Investment portfolios. I will most likely be adding this ETF to one of my other personal portfolios when the fund starts to trade. I have been very happy with the entire PowerShares ETF product line and have shares in the Dividend Achievers ETF, China ETF, Zacks Microcap ETF, Nanotech ETF, and Alternative Energy ETF in my personal portfolios.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Looking into the distant and not too distant future, water will be THE commodity that everyone must have in their porfolio. Currently, I don’t think that there are any water-based funds for Joe Six Pack to invest in. I’m excited about this development.


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