List of Hydroelectric Stocks

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Hydroelectric stocks are publicly traded companies whose business involves converting the energy of falling water into electricity.

This list was last updated on 1/12/2020.

Hydroelectric dam - Three Gorges
One of the world’s largest and most controversial hydroelectric projects, Three Gorges Dam spans the Yangtze River in Sandouping, Yichang, Hubei, China. Photo by By Dan Kamminga from Haarlem, Netherlands (Drieklovendam, Yichang, China) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners (BEP)
Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. (INE.TO, INGXF)
Iniziative Bresciane S.p.A. (IB.MI)
Companhia Energ├ętica de Minas Gerais (CIG)
Reservoir Capital Corp. (REO.CN. RSERF)
Verbund, AG (VER.VI, OEZVY)

If you know of any hydroelectric stock that is not listed here and should be, please let us know by leaving a comment. Also for stocks in the list that you think should be removed.


    • Thanks for the catch on Hydro One, Arthur. As for the others, I wan’t hydro to be a significant part of a company’s business- enough so that it can drive financial results- to make the list. I left AQN out because it’s mostly a distribution and water utility (less than 15% of revenues are from power generation, and only a fraction of that is hydro.) Transalta Renewables (RNW.TO) is only 5% hydro, not enough to make the list. I have not looked at Transalta’s assets recently, but last time I looked they were a lot heavier on the fossil fuels than RNW.TO.


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