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Spread the love frequently receives requests to provide links to other websites and/or to join services where several blogs are featured together in one platform (see an example here). As our regular readers have probably noted, our blog rolls (Tom’s and mine) are not especially extensive. We thought at this point that it might make sense to let our readers know how we go about selecting sites for inclusion in our blog rolls and what our policy is with regards to giving out links to other sites. Blog Roll Our approach to adding links to our blog rolls is very simple. Blogs/sites must: (a) Be of enough interest to us that we follow them regularly (b) Post often (c) Provide real value-added for our readership Of course there are plenty of blogs/websites out there that meet these criteria, but we also believe that blog rolls should not be so long as to make them overwhelming for site users. Our blog rolls are also not static – for instance, I recently made certain changes to mine to reflect what I’ve been paying attention to lately. Yes, this may all sound very subjective, but devising a truly “objective” way of populating our blog rolls would negate the true intent of a blog roll, which is to indirectly give you our opinion on what is worth reading. You may have also noticed that our blog roll is broken down into 3 sections: (a) Charles’ favorites, (b) Tom’s favorites and (c) Two thumbs up. The last category contains sites/blogs that we both think are worth your while. Blog Aggregation Services Blog aggregation and other types of social sites often ask us if we are interested in being featured as part of their services. We do not mind, as long as it requires no commitment and no extra work on our part. is not interested, at this point in time, in becoming affiliated with other services. In short, if you wish to add us to your service, you may do so after having notified us and received approval. We are not, however, interested in relationships that: (a) require exclusivity agreements, (b) require us to link over to you, (c) require us to alter our content in any way, (d) entail an appreciable amount of extra work on our part. Charles’ shared items: A New Feature! Some of you may have noticed a new feature called “Charles’ shared items” on the right side navigation bar, above the Archives. The items shown in this window are blog posts and media stories that I flag as worthy of your attention as I go through my RSS reader (Goolge Reader) daily. Unlike the Week in Cleantech, this feature is dynamic and I add new links to it a few times each day. We therefore encourage you to use this if you want up-to-date info on what is going on in the world of cleantech. Happy alt energy investing everyone!


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