Protonex Delivers Soldier Power Fuel Cell Systems to U.S. Air Force

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mcel_logo.gifMillennium Cell Inc (MCEL) and Protonex Technology Corporation announced that it has delivered advanced prototypes of its P2 soldier power system to the U.S. Air Force for evaluation. This delivery marks the successful completion of the two-year Dual Use Science and Technology (DUST) program awarded to Protonex by the Air Force in April 2003. In addition, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has notified Protonex and Millennium Cell Inc. of its intent to award an additional $1.02 million program focusing on P2 enhancements and manufacturability and for procurement of additional systems for performance and reliability testing. The P2 system, which can produce up to 50 watts of continuous power, combines Protonex fuel cell technology with a chemical hydride fueling subsystem based on technology licensed from Millennium Cell. Due to the system’s rugged design and high energy density, it is ideally suited to meet the aggressive requirements of demanding military applications. This Protonex system is expected to replace batteries powering a range of portable military equipment, decreasing the size and weight of the power source troops carry in the field and reducing operating costs for the military. [ more ]


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