Hoku Scientific, Inc. Reports U.S. Navy’s Acceptance of Fuel Cell Systems

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hoku_logo.gifHoku Scientific, Inc. (HOKU) announced that the U.S. Navy has officially accepted the first two of ten planned PEM fuel cell power plants incorporating Hoku MEA that will be demonstrated at Pearl Harbor Naval Station. Each of the stationary fuel cell power plants, or demonstration systems, designed by IdaTech LLC and incorporating Hoku MEA, generates net electrical output of approximately 1.5 kilowatts. Hoku Scientific’s contract with the U.S. Navy requires a minimum net electrical output of 1 kilowatt. The fuel cell power plants incorporate an IdaTech fuel processor that produces hydrogen from a mixture of water and methanol. The two fuel cell power plants were officially accepted by the U.S. Navy following a factory acceptance test at Hoku Scientific’s facility in Kapolei, Hawaii. The additional eight demonstration systems, plus one fuel cell power plant that will not be demonstrated, are scheduled for factory acceptance over the next several weeks. [ more ] Shares of Hoku were up almost 38% yesterday on this news.


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