Raser to Acquire Power Generation Technology Company

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raser_logo-small.gif Raser Technologies (RZ) announced a definitive agreement to acquire Amp Resources (“Amp”), a private company with technologies focused on geothermal heat and power generation. The deal is for about $260 million in cash and stock. Raser will acquire Amp and its portfolio of technologies for heat transfer and renewable power generation. Raser will also assume ownership of multiple, long-term geothermal energy sales contracts with public and private utilities. These contracts call for an aggregate of $966 million from gross energy sales over 20 years. It is anticipated that these power generation projects will be developed and placed in service by December 2007. [ more ] Raser is an early stage development company that specializes in electric motors and is a founding member of the Plug-In Hybrid Development Consortium. The shares of Raser have been up over 100% in the last month. Today the stock is currently trading down over 20% on the news. This could be interpreted as profit taking. Also, typically the shares of the acquiring company heads down on the day of the announcement due to fears of increased liabilities. Raser will assume liabilities and about $50 million in debt once the deal closes. Green Car Congress has additional details about the technology. [ more ]


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