Manhattan Scientifics Receives Micro Fuel Cell Patent in Japan

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Manhattan Scientifics Inc (MHTX) announced that it has received its first micro fuel cell patent in Japan.

Marvin Maslow, CEO of Manhattan Scientifics, said, “Though our micro fuel cell is not yet commercially feasible, we continue our effort to complete the development. Our goal is to create future revenue as a result of ownership of key protective patents. [ more ]

Earlier this year micro fuel cells were everywhere. You saw articles in tech magazines, gadget websites, and slashdot. There has been very little news about it recently. It seems that all the big ticket energy producers have taken a front seat due to the recent hikes in oil and natural gas. The lack of attention has caused a sharp decrease in the stocks of both MHTX and also MKTY over the last couple of months. The hype an promotion about the future of this technology has left the stock market and these companies are now valued where they should be. I don’t expect any movement from both of these companies until the product starts to hit the consumers. That is when we will see a double (or triple) in the stock price. Both of these companies are on my watchlist and I want to enter them at these lows. Estimates are they will not produce the first shippable products till next year. So I will continue to watch for now.


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