Electro Energy Inc. Announces New Development Agreement With In-Q-Tel

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eeei_logo.gifElectro Energy Inc (EEEI) and In-Q-Tel, a private, not-for-profit venture group funded by the Central Intelligence Agency, today announced a new technology development agreement for advanced rechargeable bipolar lithium ion (BPLI) batteries. The resulting BPLI battery is intended to exhibit both high-specific energy and high-specific power, due to the efficiency of the EEEI bipolar cell and battery design. In previous work, EEEI has demonstrated BPLI cells with a specific energy greater than 200 Wh/kg and an energy density greater than 400 Wh/l. The development will be conducted at EEEI’s battery manufacturing facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. [ more ] In other recent news, In-Q-Tel recently purchased shares in EEEI to help fund research and development to demonstrate the incorporation of Bipolar Li-ion Cell Technology into Bipolar Lithium Ion Batteries. [ more ]


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