New 2006 Civic Hybrid

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Green Car Congress has an excellent writeup about the recently announced Honda 2005 Civic Hybrid.

Compared to the 2005 Civic Hybrid, the 2006 model with the new IMA is 18% more powerful than its predecessor while delivering a combined EPA estimated fuel economy of 50 mpg US compared to 47–48 mpg US of the 2005 hybrid. The new IMA also adds the ability to cruise only under the power of the electric motor. [ more ]

honda_logo.gifHonda Motor Co (HMC) has been playing catchup with Toyota in the hybrid marketplace and they are looking strong with this new offering. Our family is planning on replacing one of our cars next year and we have been researching our various options. This new Civic is now at the top of our list. [update] TreeHugger has more information about this new civic here [ more ]


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