A Brief Hiatus

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I have been on a brief hiatus from posting to the website. My other projects and real job have been taking a large portion of my time. I was also recently down two employees at my company, so I was doing triple the amount of my normal work. I’m making an offer to one person today so I’m able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will be trying to catch up on many of the missed press releases today. I will also be switching the intra day graphic to the new Alternative Energy ETF (PBW) sometime this week as well. Another reason I have been busy is that my hosting business has just recently completed the launch of two new stock blog websites. Both of these have been keeping me up late at night so that I can get them completed. If you have time, check these sites out as well. BillCara.com: Capital Markets and Social Equity. JohnMugarian.com: Investor Alert.