Protonex and Millennium Cell to Demonstrate Portable Power System at the Tactical Power Sources Summit in Virginia

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mcel_logo.gif Millennium Cell Inc (MCEL) announced that they will be displaying a prototype 30 Watt portable power system at the Tactical Power Sources Summit Conference. The conference is being held from January 31st through February 2nd at the Sheraton National in Arlington, Virginia. This integrated power system will be the first deliverable under a previously announced U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Dual Use Science and Technology (“DUST”) contract awarded to Protonex. Under this program, Protonex and Millennium Cell are integrating Millennium Cell’s hydrogen energy system with Protonex’s PEM fuel cell system to provide an integrated fuel cell power source to provide critical soldier power for extended field missions. The prototype system is scheduled to be delivered to the Air Force in February of 2005. [ more ]