Medis Technologies Demonstrates Historic Performance of Fuel Cell Products to General Dynamics

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mdtl_logo.gif Medis Technologies Ltd. (MDTL) announced that during the first week of functional demonstrations, the fuel cell Power Pack products it made available to General Dynamics C4 Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics (GD), to provide power to General Dynamics’ rugged PDA have achieved new levels of performance, to its knowledge never achieved before in micro fuel cells. The Power Packs have provided five watts and five volts, operating for a period of many hours with each refueling, operating in every orientation, all without generating any discernable heat. The fuel cell cartridge system has operated effectively to refuel the fuel cell Power Packs. In Medis Technologies’ fuel cell technology, the cartridges only need to refill the fuel cell and can then be discarded, unlike the DMFC technology used by most other fuel cell companies where the cartridges must stay connected to the fuel cell all the time to drip highly concentrated methanol into the fuel cell. [ more ]