Astris Energi Markets New E7 Power Generator With Double The Power Of Predecessor

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astris_logo.gifAstris Energi Inc. (ASRNF) announced that it has commenced marketing of its new, silent-running, emission-free, Model E7 AFC Generator. The E7 is an advanced version of the Model E6 power unit that has successfully powered Astris’ Freedom Golf Car for the past three years. The E7 is built with two 900W Astris’ POWERSTACK(tm) MC250 alkaline fuel cell stacks giving the unit a 1.8kW nominal power rating with the ability for maximum power output to reach 2.15kW, a 20% overload factor. The Model E7 is designed as a direct replacement for existing traction batteries used in a wide variety of mobile applications such as golf cars, neighborhood electric vehicles, and forklifts. [ more ]