MTI Micro Receives Certification Agency Approval For Shipment of Methanol Fuel Cartridges

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Mechanical Technology Inc (MKTY) announced today that it has received United Nations (UN) Packaging Certification and is now in United States Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance for shipment of its methanol fuel cartridges, supporting its initial product launch planned by year-end. With this UN and DOT recognition in place, authorized shippers can now conveniently transport MTI Micro’s fuel refills by ground, sea and air, both domestically and internationally. “MTI has emerged as a leader in the development of safe and reliable methanol fuel cartridges and packaging,” said John Lynn, President and CEO of the Methanol Institute, the global trade association for the methanol industry. “This is a significant achievement in the acceptance of methanol shipments, and will hasten the eventual widespread market adoption of micro fuel cell technology.” [ more ]