ZAP Car Certified by Executive Order

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zap_logo.gifZAP (ZAPZ) announced that the California state’s Air Resources Board has certified its ZAP WORLDCAR(TM) as a “Zero-Emission Vehicle.” The Air Resources Board has certified the 2005 Model Year ZAP WORLDCAR (NEV) and the ZAP WORLDCAR (Utility EV). The certification allows ZAP vehicles to be licensed and sold in the State of California. The certification also gives the purchaser access to incentives created for drivers of Zero-Emission vehicles. Drivers can qualify for a special Zero-Emission Vehicle parking decals that allow them to park and refuel at designated recharging parking spaces, as well as preferred locations at airports, shopping malls, mass transit hubs and more. The vehicles now qualify for grants for public agencies to purchase them and there is a 10 percent federal tax credit for consumer purchases. [ more ]