10 for 2020 Preview

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by Tom Konrad, Ph.D., CFA

Over the last couple years, I’ve given paying subscribers a chance to see my annual list one trading day early.  I did not get it organized this year, but I just got an email from a past participant who was interested.  I initially said no, I’d rather be fair to all readers but then I thought maybe there are others who can benefit.

I currently have a list of 11 stocks, which I will be narrowing down to 10 after the close on Dec 31st.  Anyone who forwards me (tom@thiswebsite.com) an email confirming a donation in any amount to either The Environmental Voter Project or Elizabeth Warren for President (you can read my endorsement here) will get the current draft as a preview.



If you would prefer to make a tax-deductible donation, I’ll do the same for donations of at least $50 to the Rocky Mountain Institute.

9 donations so far for $500 total. (12/31 8:50pm)

Thanks to all of you.  And to those who did not see this in time, next year I’m definitely going to get this ask out sooner!


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