The Environment Is On The Ballot. Vote November 6th

Spread the love first endorsed a presidential candidate in 2008.  We endorsed Barack Obama based on his more pro-environmental, pro-alternative energy stance compared to his opponent, John McCain.  Choosing between John McCain and Barack Obama took some research, since both candidates struck a somewhat pro-environment tone.  Our choice rested on the fact that Obama seemed to have a deeper commitment to environmental causes.  Our 2012 endorsement of Obama over Romney was also based on a comparison of their proposed policies.


Fast-forward to 2016, and the decision between the candidates was no longer one that required much analysis.  The choice could not have been more plain. Trump was an unapologetic Climate denier, while Clinton wanted to promote clean energy in a number of ways.  Since his election, Trump’s stance on energy (putting tariffs on solar panels and doing everything he can to promote coal, the corruption and anti-environmental stance of his chosen EPA chief, Scott Pruitt.)

After the election, President Trump’s policies have seemed designed to do everything possible to harm the environment.  The Republican controlled House and Senate have been acting as a rubber-stamp for his anti-environmental agenda.

If ever a president needed a check or balance, this is that president.  With the Republican controlled Congress unwilling to fill this role, it falls upon the voters to transfer control of Congress to a party that will.

For this reason, makes its first endorsement in an off-term election.

No matter what state you live in, we need to send Democrats to Congress in both House and Senate races to act as a check on this out-of-control president.

A vote for Democrats is a vote for the environment on November 6th.  We need our readers to cast that vote.  Your planet and your alternative energy stock portfolio are counting on it.

Tom Konrad Ph.D., CFA


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