10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2018 Preview


Like last year, I will be offering paying readers a preview of my Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2018 list.  I plan to publish the final article after market close on January 1st.  If you would like to see a draft version mailed on December 29th (a full trading day before the final publication) please PayPal $10 to me at tom at alt energy stocks dot com (no spaces)with a note that it’s for the 10 for 2018 preview.  The draft will contain the full list, but may not have a complete stock discussion for each stock.  I plan to finish the article over the next couple days.

Note that I’ve doubled the price (from $5) for last year.  I increased the price to minimize the number of emails I have to keep track of; last year keeping track of the readers took more of my time than I was expecting.  This should make the list a bit more exclusive this year.

Happy Holidays,

Tom Konrad


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