Codexis: a 5-Minute Guide

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Jim Lane


200 Penobscot Drive
Redwood City, CA 94063

Year founded 2002

Annual Revenues: $107 million (2010)

Company description: Codexis serves major worldwide markets where clean technology can make a positive economic and environmental impact. Codexis CodeEvolver ™ directed evolution technology accelerates development of high value sustainable products. Our focus is on the cost-effective conversion of renewable resources into transportation fuels, pharmaceuticals and biobased chemicals, and on the development of new technologies for effective air and water treatment.

Stock: CDXS; NasdaqGS

Type of Technology(ies):

Directed evolution – CodeEvolver™ directed evolution technology
DNA shuffling
Synthetic biology/Systems biology
Multiplexed gene SOEing
Green chemistry


All – Codexis’ technology is feedstock agnostic.


Ethanol and Cellulosic ethanol

Past Milestones

Completed IPO April 2010
Received EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Award with Merck
Initiated detergent alcohol product line and completed cellulose enzyme scaleup 2011
Negotiated worldwide (ex. Brazil) rights and Shell royalty agreement to commercialize cellulase enzymes

Future Milestones

Commercialize detergent alcohol product line
Establish significant commercial presence in Brazilian fuels and chemicals markets

Competitive Edge(s):

There are a few things that make Codexis a formidable competitor in the biofuels industry:

– Codexis’ CodeEvolver™ directed evolution technology platform which combines sophisticated DNA shuffling and proprietary bioinformatics with advanced systems biology and nearly a decade of research experience to create “super” biocatalysts that are “custom fit” to solve complex bioindustrial problems. The Codexis CodeEvolver™ technology has been shown to reduce manufacturing costs, improve yield and reduce environmental waste in multiple applications in the pharmaceutical industry and is now under development for us in the advanced biofuels, biobased chemicals and carbon capture markets. Future applications include new methods of cost-effective wastewater treatment.

– Codexis’ role in Raizen, Shell’s $12 billion joint venture with Cosan – Shell has contributed its 16% ownership stake in Codexis to the joint venture company, Raizen, with the goal of developing and commercializing next-generation biofuels.

Stage (Bench, pilot, demonstration, commercial) Development


Disclosure: None.

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