Wind and Geothermal Deals; More Efficient Heat Pumps- The Week In Cleantech: 5/25/2012

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Jeff Siegel and Tom Konrad

May 21: Are more wind deals a sign that the bottom is in sight?


  • Western Wind Energy (WNDEF.PK) and Alterra Power (MGMXF.PK) both announced deals to acquire wind development pipelines last week.  Is the recent flurry of deals a sign that the worst may be over for wind developers?  More here.
  • New tests conducted at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base have revealed that US warplanes are capable of flying faster and carry more payload on missions, when flying with synthetic fuels, including biofuels, compared to conventional military jet fuels made from petroleum. The House is considering a bill which would block the use of such fuels unless they are cheaper, as well as better. More here.

May 22: US Geothermal (HTM) secures funding

TK: The deal with Lincoln Park Capital fund provides for the market price issuance of shares for $750,000 upon closing, and up to $10 million subsequently, at the company’s discretion, with no discount to the market price.

May 23: Does organic food make you a jerk?

JS: Does organic food make you a jerk?  This is the question that’s been popping up in all kinds of anti-organic food blogs over the past week or so. And it all started after a new study suggested organic foods reduce prosocial behavior and harshen moral judgments.

What a load of crap!

Before I even read the study, I suspected it’s findings would be about as reliable as Chinese drywall. And I was right. Although one of my favorite writers today, Jess Zimmerman, did the best job at proving how ridiculous this study was to begin with. You can read her piece on this one here.

TK:  Axion Power (AXPW.OB) received a $150K grant from the US DOE to help commercialize PbC batteries.

May 24: Proxy Battle at Renewable REIT

TK: Power REIT (PW) looks cheap because of proxy battle. Its annual meeting is today.

May 25: The Next Generation of Geothermal Heat Pumps

TK: Both Waterfurnace (WFI.TO. WFIFF.PK) and Climatemaster (LXU) are launching new lines much more efficient heat pumps.  Here’s how they work.

May 26-8: Have a great 3 day weekend!

JS: No positions.

Jeff Siegel is Editor of Energy and Capital, where his notes were first published.
Tom Konrad Ph.D. CFA is Editor of, and a blogger on


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