The Week In Cleantech (Jul 6 to Jul 12) – GE A Real Play On Cleantech?

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On Monday, GreenBiz informed us that new cars in California would have to display a global warming score. This is interesting, and it would be good to see data on whether it actually impacts consumer behavior. On Tuesday, David Ehrlich at the Cleantech Group reported that cleantech investments had hit a record high. Interesting results, though I suspect that if problems in capital markets persist and VCs can’t find acceptable exits things could change. On Wednesday, Katie Fehrenbacher at earth2tech outlined ten things we should know about nat gas vehicles. An ambitious proposal by Pickens, but I question the logic of substituting a finite energy source for another finite energy source. This seems to me like it would leave customers just as exposed to commodity price risks as they are now. On Thursday, Keith Johnson at the WSJ’s Environmental Capital wondered whether GE was becoming a cleantech play. GE has been a cleantech heavyweight for years, but the point is well taken that as it sheds units, the effect of its environmental businesses on overall results will become clearer. On Friday, Matthew McDermott at TreeHugger mapped the alternative energy potential of the US. Well, Forbes did and he reported on it. But what drives alt energy development? Physical conditions or the generosity of local incentives? A bit of both I guess, but the latter certainly weighs a lot more than the former in developers’ models.


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