The Week in Cleantech, March 9 to March 15, 2008: CARB may Kill Your DIY PHEV, so Dude, Get a Bike

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jcwinnie at After Gutenberg detailed the Mcgyan process which promises to convert a much array of oil feedstocks into biodiesel with a reusable catalyst and less waste.

AutoblogGreen plugged us in to Zap’s new Prius PHEV conversion kit, but Green Car Congress brought us a study that warned we might need to do some serious water planning before such too many people start using them.

On Monday,

Craig Rubens at Earth-to-Tech painted a picture of a new photovoltaic coating from Corus Colors.

On Wednesday,

David Erlich at rolled out the story of GE’s new organic light-emitting diode (OLED) printing process.

On Thursday,

Tom Whipple at EnergyBulletin took at look at a largely unrecognized driver for the current financial turmoil: Peak Oil.

Earl K., at Climate Progress, warned that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is about the kill the electric car, again, and asked us to take action before the March 27 meeting.

On Friday,

Kevin Bullis at Technology Review gave us the skinny on Solaria’s photovoltaic panels made with thin strips of silicon.

On Pi-Day,

Warren McLaren at Treehugger reminded us that there’s a greener transportation option that water-guzzling PHEVs which is taking off in Britian, and Jasmin Chua found us a cartoon to cheer us up about the whole mess.


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