Geothermal, Battery, and Solar LED articles in TQ

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There were three excellent alternative energy articles in last week’s Technology Quarterly from the Economist.

Readers know I’m an avid battery investor, and the Economist’s in depth History of the Battery is well worth reading for anyone who wants to gain insight into the promises and challenges awaiting developers and investors. My favorite battery investment, Electro Energy, last profiled here has seen considerable selling, having lost half its price since its peak in early January.  I still like the and own the stock.

There is also a short article about the prospects for Enhanced Geothermal, one of my favorite not-yet-commercial technologies.  I’m also a fan of conventional geothermal, and you can find my geothermal investment ideas here.

Finally, there is a profile of a company with an innovative bag combining solar and LEDs for lighting in emerging countries.  When used in portable and off-grid applications, the high per kWh price of solar is much less important than having any power at all.  One company pursuing this approach to solar in my portfolio is  Carmanah Technologies ( or

DISCLOSURE: Tom Konrad and/or his clients have positions in all the stocks mentioned here: EEEI, CMHXF.
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