DIY Energy Audit, and Energy Star Summit Stocks

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Last week, I attended the 2007 Energy Star Summit to keep up with what is going on in home energy efficiency, and, with luck, find a new public company or two to recommend.  

After several workshops for home energy raters, I came away with an idea for an article to help people concerned about home safety and efficiency look for new places to live.  Because it was off-topic for Alternative Energy Stocks, I offered it to my friend Preston at Jetson Green, and he has published it here.

Back on the subject of financial (As opposed to real-estate) investments, I did find and interesting industry (thermal imaging,) with a least one public company, and will write an article about it later this week.  

Also in attendance were representatives of several companies I have been watching for a while.  I’ve often recommended Owens Corning (NYSE: OC), because of their insulation business.  Trane (NYSE:TT, formerly American Standard), and Honeywell International (NYSE: HON) both came up in my article about performance contracting stocks, although they are also interesting because of their energy efficient products, controls (Honeywell) and plumbing fixtures (Trane).  See this article as to why plumbing is an interesting efficiency investment.

Another efficient home-appliance play is Whirlpool (NYSE: WHR), which was cited by Energy & Environmental Building Association certified trainer Mark La Liberte as having redesigned their new products to be 85-90% recycled.  While it pays to be skeptical of such claims, given many companies’ propensity for greenwashing, so I pay attention when an industry professional gives an unprompted endorsement.

Link to my article on searching for an energy-efficient resale home or rental.

DISCLOSURE: Tom Konrad  and/or his clients have positions in these companies mentioned here: OC.

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