Hunting for Energy Efficiency Companies at the Energy Star Summit

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Most studies show that the greatest potential for reducing our carbon emissions comes from energy efficiency technologies.  And, unlike many renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency is almost always less expensive than developing new energy sources, so energy efficiency businesses can be profitable now, and still have a large potential upside which will come with regulatory efforts to reduce our carbon emissions and rising energy prices.

Unfortunately, the reason this free lunch exists is because selling and implementing energy efficiency technologies isn’t easy.  It’s also much more difficult to find companies that profit from energy efficiency than those that produce identifiable products such as wind turbines or solar panels.   Which is why I’ll be attending the Energy Star Summit on December 3rd and 4th.  That, and they gave me a press pass.

Even if I don’t see you there, you can look forward to an article on the companies helping to make our housing stock more efficient on December 9.


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