Sprott’s Peak Oil Watch

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While browsing the web this morning, I came across a very interesting section on Peak Oil on Sprott Asset Management’s website (best viewed with Explorer). Sprott Asset Management is a Toronto-based boutique investment management company that I consider, for lack of a better term, pretty cool. They have taken some relatively unorthodox commodities bets in the past and have often won them. For instance, they spotted the bull market in uranium very early on and did well as a result (PDF document). There are many web-based Peak Oil resources out there, so you may wonder why I decided to profile this one in particular. At AltEnergyStocks.com, we view the growing trend toward greater environmental responsibility, the rise of alternative energy and peaks in the production of various fossil fuels not so much as fodder for discussion around the dinner table, but rather as solid bases on which to erect a viable investment thesis. Sprott’s Peak Oil page not only features a relevant news section, but also a number of documents outlining their thinking on this issue as well as how they are playing the Peak Oil piece. Sprott takes a different view than we typically would: they see Peak Oil primarily as a good reason to be long oil, gas, uranium and coal (PDF document). We see it as a good reason to be long alternatives to fossil fuels. To be fair, Sprott has alternative energy on its radar to a greater extent than most conventional fund managers do, but that does not appear to be their main angle at the moment. This is a great resource for the Peakist who wants to turn Peakism into an investment strategy. My main complaint: they should set up an RSS feed!


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