The Week in Cleantech: June 18 to June 22 – Do We Really Have to Worry About Peak Coal?

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On Monday, Richard Blackwell at the Globe & Mail told us how the center of the Earth may power our portfolios. Geothermal is a sector we believe is poised for solid growth over the next few years, and the Toronto Stock Exchange is a good place to look for geothermal plays. On Tuesday, John Addison at the Cleantech Blog gave us a few highlights from the Fuel Cell 2007 Conference. With all the talk around batteries, plug-in hybrids and biofuels, fuel cells have somewhat fallen out of favor recently. This article is a good way to catch up with what’s currently happening in this industry (and there are interesting things happening). On Thursday, Mark Gongloff at the WSJ’s Energy Roundup wondered whether we were overestimating coal supply. Lucky for you, we know how you can benefit from peak coal. On Friday, Mike Millikin at the Green Car Congress informed us that Alstom had signed two development contracts for its CO2 capture technology. We have mentioned in the past how we believe that CO2 control technologies will present attractive investment opportunities once their technological viability has been established. On Friday, Chuck Marvin at discussed a new MIT study shedding yet more doubt on the viability of corn ethanol. Ironically, a lot of this bad press may create good value opportunities for some of the stronger corn ethanol players. On Friday, Todd Wenning at The Motley Fool argued that the 21st century would be a very prolific century in terms of technological innovation, and, more importantly, he told us how investors could capitalize on this trend. Unsurprisingly, alternative energy is one of the key areas he identifies in his article.


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