The Week in Cleantech: Mar. 5 to Mar. 9

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The Week in Cleantech is a weekly roundup of our favorite cleantech and alt energy blog posts and stories from across the web. If you know of a good piece that you think should be included here, don’t hesitate to let us know! This week, we particularly liked… On Monday, Jefferies revealed that investors were bullish on solar power, ethanol and hybrid transportation. The results of this survey will surely surprise some people. On Wednesday, Travis Johnson at One Guy’s Investments told us all about indirect investing. This is indeed a great strategy for investors wanting exposure to cleantech and alt energy minus some of the risks associated with pure plays. Thanks to Seeking Alpha for this one. On Wednesday, Dane Muldoon at Autoblog Green discussed the results of a study that found that biodiesel massively reduces dangerous emissions. The next step is to ensure that the price customers pay at the pump reflects the true costs of gasoline’s dangerous emissions. On Wednesday, Mark Clayton at the Christian Science Monitor wondered how green nuclear power was. This debate will surely heat up in the year to come. On Thursday, Kimi Shi at Pacific Epoch informed us that yet another Chinese company was planning a US IPO. Consolidation, anyone? On Friday, Mike Millikin at Green Car Congress informed us that the US and Brazil were moving to formally cooperate on biofuels. On a related note, those with a paid subscription should have a read at this article from the WSJ.


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