Intrepid to Begin Clean Green Gas Production

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intrepid_logo.gifIntrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. (IESV) has received the gas conditioning equipment slated for use in creating pipeline quality gas from its Whitesides Biogas facility. The two semi loads of proprietary equipment will be installed over the next several weeks and brought into operation. The equipment is unique in that it can process a smaller gas stream from the existing two digester array, as well as the full ten digester array that is currently under construction. The cost of this gas conditioning equipment is equivalent to the entire book value of the existing plant, effectively doubling the asset value of the facility. Independent sampling of the product gas will be performed to verify the entire system’s ability to produce pipeline-quality gas. The company plans to sell product gas from the existing two digester system in July and then begin the installation of the additional eight tanks which will be completed in late 2006. [ more ]


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