Magnetek Announces Vanadium Redox Energy Storage System for Wireless Cell Sites

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MAG_logo.gifMagnetek Inc. (MAG) and VRB Power Systems Inc. have announced the unveiling of a revolutionary 5kW Energy Storage System (ESS). Co-developed by Magnetek with VRB Power, the 5kW energy storage system is an alternative to traditional lead-acid battery backup systems. It provides cost effective, reliable, environmentally friendly, virtually maintenance-free backup power for wireless cell sites and other telecommunications facilities. Based on VRB Power’s patented Vanadium Redox Battery Energy Storage System (“VRB-ESS”), the 5kW system is comprised of an electrolyte storage tank containing a vanadium-based electrolyte supplied to a regenerative cell stack that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. A chemical reaction in the flow-cell stacks creates a current that is collected by electrodes and made available to an external circuit. This reaction is reversible, allowing recharging of the DC power modules. [ more ]


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