Cree Survey at Light+Building Indicates Expected Rapid LED Adoption for Lighting

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cree_logo.gif Cree, Inc. (CREE) announced the results of a new survey on the adoption, deployment and overall benefits of LED lighting. Conducted for Cree this week at Light+Building 2006 in Frankfurt, Germany. The survey revealed extraordinary optimism among lighting industry executives, architects, designers, engineers and other decision-makers regarding the growth of the LED lighting market. Out of 123 trade show participants polled, 50 percent of respondents stated they have seen a 20 percent to 60 percent growth rate for LED lighting applications in their businesses over just the past six months. Looking forward, 50 percent of those polled stated their belief that LED lighting will represent more than half of their sales or installations by 2009. Furthermore, 61 percent of respondents believe LED lighting will replace fluorescent lighting in office and commercial spaces within five years. [ more ]


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