Li-ion Motors and Frito Lay Ink Deal

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051205_01.jpgLi-ion Motors. (HYBT) has inked a deal with Frito Lay to provide Hybrid Technologies’ Lithium vehicles as part of their fleet sales program. Frito Lay has agreed to purchase and take delivery of the Lithium Mini Cooper model as well as the Daimler Chrysler Smart Car Lithium version. The first deliveries are scheduled for the first quarter of 2006. These vehicles will be part of Frito Lay’s Hybrid fleet and the corporation’s commitment to “green philosophy” as well as its well known philosophy of working with the latest in American technology. [ more ] You would have thought that Frito Lay would have gone for a Bio-Diesel solution 🙂


  1. Check out Hybrid Technologies website. After Pepsico denied intent to purchase or “market” with HYBT, they had to “strongly request” Hybrid to remove all references from their website. They have complied. Also check out their latest report with the SEC. Less than 40k in the bank, and in debt 4 million.


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