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AltEnergyStocks.com is a comprehensive web resource that is provided for visitors that are interested in investing in alternative energy companies. Alternative energy companies are companies that either directly produce, or provide components or services to producers of energy that utilize renewable resources. This site is edited and written by Mark Anderson. Mark has been in the Information Technology sector for over 20 years and has been hosting and running investment websites for over 10 years. He is an accomplished investor and stock trader and has recently turned his eye towards the Alternative Energy sector. The goal for this website is to become the number one resource for investors that are looking to invest in Alternative Energy Stocks. We would also like to point out that we, don’t know everything about investing or Alternative Energy. So with that in mind, we would love to have all visitors to take part in the intelligence gathering process so that we can strive to meet our website goals. As Dan Gillmor said at a recent conference on Open Source Journalism, “My readers know more that I do. Its true for all journalists. It’s not scary, It’s an opportunity.” This concept of distributed research and fact checking can be a very valuable resource for your investment due diligence process. The best way to participate is to use the comments link that is associated with every article. Every comment builds to increase the investable intelligence and also the worth of this website. The website is divided into the following 3 main sections.

  1. Resources: The resources section gives you a wealth of background information on the various technologies and growing trends in the alternative energy marketplace.
  2. Sectors: This section talks about the various sectors and stocks that we follow. Currently we are only following stocks that are traded on exchanges in the United States. We do have plans to expand the coverage to the world wide stock market eventually. The companies and sectors that are represented here should have an exposure or division that is trying to capitalize on renewable energy. These companies can use one or many of the following methodologies to produce renewable energy: Wind, Solar, Hydrogen/Fuel Cell, Water, Geothermal, and Biomass.

    We will also be looking at the vendors and sub-contractors that provide key resources or materials to these companies. An example of this type of company is one that can specialize in storage systems, battery technology, or a basic materials producer.

    Finally, we will keep an eye out for future companies that are looking for future power generation techniques or systems. Cold fusion would be an example.

  3. News: As we stated above, the goal for this website is be the number one resource for investors looking to invest in alternative energy companies and technology. The news section will be updated daily with news articles, research, and investment editorial.

AltEnergyStocks.com was launched in July of 2004 and is owned and operated by MDA Holdings and hosted with MDA Hosting. All editorial that is posted on this website, and links to content on external websites are believed to be true. But due diligence must be followed if you plan on making an investment in any of the companies listed. Please read our Disclosures and Disclaimers page carefully before making any investment decisions. Advertisers interested in sponsoring AltEnergyStocks.com can contact us at ads@www.altenergystocks.com.