Discom-fort: Barriers to Renewables in India

by Ishaan Goel Energy is crucial to India’s policy agenda. Millions of households are yet to gain reliable access to electricity, hampering their potential for economic growth. Severe pollution issues create widespread health problems. Renewables are prioritized as viable solutions across the political spectrum, with their low costs and ease of installation in remote regions. The current administration has ambitious plans for renewable energy (RE), targeting an almost 4x increase in installed capacity to 450 GW by 2030 and introducing a spate of tax and investment reforms. At the heart of the Indian power supply chain lie distribution companies (discoms). The...

Leading Indian Renewable Energy Stocks

By Ishaan Goel   India is amongst the largest renewable energy markets in the world, ranking third in solar, fourth in wind and fifth in hydro power capacity. Due to its rapidly growing economy, India’s energy needs are constantly on the rise. Moreover, countering air pollution has become one of the government’s top priorities. To achieve this, it has set out the world’s largest expansion plan for renewable energy - a 5x increase of installed capacity to 450 GW by 2030.  The Indian renewable energy market can broadly be divided into two categories - private firms and state-owned enterprises (known as public-sector...
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