Green Chip Stocks’ “Sunless Solar” Tease

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Tom Konrad

Last week, Stock Gumshoe sleuthed out Jeff Seigel’s recent tease of a “$0.62 Company [that] Just Perfected Sunless Solar.”  The company is New Energy Technologies (NENE.OB), which was trading at $1.20 after the close on Friday.  Here’s what the Gumshoe has to say about the company:

And of course, maybe Siegel’s right, maybe these guys will be to First Solar what IBM was to Smith Corona … I’m just not holding my breath.

For more information on the company, which did stage a demonstration of the technology in Tampa last month, you can certainly visit their website and poke around a little this solar product of theirs is called SolarWindow, and their other project is called MotionPower (that one somehow generates energy by collecting extra kinetic energy from vehicles who are stopping at drive-thru windows and tollbooths).

You can read the full article at Stock Gumshoe.  The quick rise of the stock probably has a lot more to do with all the attention for a tiny stock than the company’s true prospects.  If you like this sort of technology play, you’re probably better off waiting until the hoopla dies down and you can pick it up again around $0.60.




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