Modern Energy Investor Forum: Denver, CO – Sep. 22-25

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In more than 20 years of brokering relationships between investors and the natural resources industry, I’ve never had as many investors tell me in the last year that they’re having a difficult time identifying and engaging with high-quality companies in clean technology. Why is this? Some complain that the industry is too new and unsettled to differentiate between top-grade businesses and pretenders. Others have told me that too few companies have strong business plans and can account for the uncertainty in the markets or in federal legislation. They go to conferences and are inundated with pitches from companies that may or not be real players. In response, I tell them that the Modern Energy Investor Forum, held in Denver from Sep. 22-25, is designed to address their concerns. The Modern Energy Investor Forum is guided by a 1:1 philosophy. For 25 years, we have specialized in putting investors and businesses together in a comfortable, personalized atmosphere. We go beyond prescreening businesses and investors – we work with attendees to identify the types of investors or companies they want to meet, and then facilitate 1:1 conversations to the benefit of both parties. Specifically, this means that: 1. We accept only the most qualified companies that meet certain criteria designed to make them attractive to investors. 2. We maintain a pre-specified ratio of investors to businesses, which allows investors to spend their time getting to know executives from good companies. 3. We make time for 1:1 meetings. To qualify for attendance, click here. To view the invitation for the conference, click here. This year’s conference will feature:

  • Presentations from some of the highest-potential modern energy companies in the world.
  • Engaging, informative panel discussions, including on the topic of “Green Economics and the 21st Century Challenge.”
  • Sessions dedicated to:
    • Power Generation: Base Load and Renewables
    • Power Management: Smart Grid and Infrastructure
    • Transportation and Fuels
  • Keynote speakers including:
    • Jigar Shah, CEO, Carbon War Room
    • Richard Ashby, CFO and Treasurer, RES Americas
    • Robert Glennon, Author, Unquenchable
    • Robert Dixon, Leader, Climate and Chemical Investments, The World Bank Group

For more information on this year’s conference, or to register to attend, please visit the Meetings International Natural Resources Enterprise Website or contact Alexis Bogart at 303-377-6463 or Michele Ashby CEO, MiNE LLC The preceding post is a Special Information Supplement by our Featured Company MiNELLC.


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