Digi International Acquisitions Since 2005

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This timeline is intended as a supplement to the article: Bold or Bogus? Digi International’s Move toward Smart Grid Technology.

Source: The Investor Relations Group, New York, NY

April 2005FS Forth-Systeme GmbH/Sistemas Embebidos S.A. (FS Forth), providers of embedded modules based on the company’s processors and NET+OS software, as well as other microprocessors with supporting embedded software.

May 2005 – acquired Rabbit Semiconductor® Inc. (formerly Z-World™, Inc.). The acquisition expanded Digi’s embedded portfolio to include the Rabbit line of microprocessors and microprocessor-based core modules and Z-World single-board computers (now all sold under the Rabbit brand).

July 2006 – acquired MaxStream®, Inc. (MaxStream), a wireless device networking supplier. MaxStream supplies device manufacturers and integrators with reliable wireless modules and box products that allow customers to wirelessly monitor and control electronic devices. Typical applications include automated utility meter reading, oil and gas monitoring, remote control and monitoring of commercial heating and air conditioning systems, vehicle information access for fleet management, industrial controls, wireless sensors, and electronic signals. MaxStream was also a pioneer in the field of ZigBee®/802.15.4 wireless communications. The MaxStream acquisition significantly expanded Digi’s wireless offering both with embedded modules and non-embedded wireless communications adapters. The products also play a key role in Digi’s Drop-in Networking initiative. Effective October 1, 2007, MaxStream merged into Digi International Inc.

April 2008 – acquired Sarian Systems, Ltd. (Sarian), a designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced wireless/cellular IP-based routing equipment for mission critical applications. Sarian has a strong customer base in ATM connectivity, retail and payment systems connectivity, remote monitoring telemetry, lottery terminal connectivity and wireless backup of wired broadband connections.

July 2008 – acquired Spectrum Design Solutions, Inc. (Spectrum), a design services organization. Spectrum’s engineers have extensive experience in wireless technologies such as GSM, CDMA, GPS, Wi-Fi and proprietary RF as well as ASIC design, FPGA integration, embedded software and complete turn-key product development which allows them to address virtually any wireless development need.

July 2009 – Digi entered the market for satellite Subscriber Communicators for the ORBCOMM network with its recent purchase of MobiApps Holdings Private Limited (MobiApps). MobiApps is a developer of M2M communications technology, focusing on ORBCOMM satellite, cellular and hybrid satellite/cellular solutions. The acquisition of MobiApps by Digi will result in Satellite Communicators that are especially suited to applications that cross country and continental boundaries, providing connectivity in very remote locations, and providing mission critical wireless backup solutions when cellular coverage is insufficient. Digi will continue to produce the MobiApps M10, M100, M200 Subscriber Communicator models, as well as the custom designed and patented mixed signal application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), that it supplies to other module manufacturers.


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