From Solar 2009: Investment Opportunities in Solar Stocks: First Solar (FSLR)

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Tom Konrad, Ph.D.

This continues a series of entries on opportunities in solar stocks, based on a panel at Solar 2009.  The first article introduced the panelists, and took a look at the solar sector as a whole.  The others focus on individual companies.

Pradeep Haldar

  • Investors remain bullish on thin film technologies such as CdTe (First Solar’s technology.)
  • CdTe currently has the lowest cost, but it may not have long term sustainability.

Peter Lynch on First Solar (FSLR)

  • If First Solar ever stumbles, gravity will take over. They could fall 50% in a day.
  • They are up too high with the P/E’s, which is why they are difficult to invest in.
  • They have a differentiating factor- the lowest cost- and investors like that.

Investment Action

If you decided to short a solar stock after reading part 1, First Solar should be up on your list.  The next entry will be a solar stock the panel liked. (Link broken until published.)


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