Presentation from May 10, 2008 NREL Seminar

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For those who attened my presentation yesterday, thank you for all the great questions. I’m having trouble uploading the presentation (it’s too large for my server.) However, it should soon appear on NREL’s presentation’s page. As usual, I own most of the stocks mentioned in the presentation (too many to list,) and the Guiness Atkinson Alternative Energy fund (also mentioned) is an advertiser on UPDATE: It’s still not on NREL’s page, but I uploaded it on another server here. Although I had to cut it off because of time, if you have more followup, please leave a comment here. Also, a note to the woman who asked me about career development opportunities in Colorado for a financial analyst interested in Energy, there were some openings at the Colorado PUC… “Rate Financial Analyst energy/Demand Side Management” looks especially interesting. The application deadline was May 9, but I got the feeling that there is a dearth of qualified candidates, so it’s probably worth inquiring.


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