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I plan to write about a couple of the companies that readers asked about two weeks ago.  I’d like to research the ones of interest to as many readers as possible.  Let me know!

UPDATE: I’ll publish articles on CPTC.OB and PSUD.PK soon. If the stock you want to know about is not in the poll, please leave a comment here, and I’ll do another round at a future date. Tom


  1. I’ve asked about CPTC here before. I have big hopes with a large investment (for my income). Being a working class stiff, leaves little time or access to insider info, for proper homework. Can you phantom the last conference call and why the stock has plummeted? Any help would be greatly appreciated .

  2. ER-
    It looks like I will probably be researcing CPTC by popular demand, but you should carefully consider your risk tolerance with respect to this stock. Although I like it a lot, this stock is extremely risky… if you have more than 1% of your net worth in it, you’re asking for trouble. That’s why it was one of my 10 “Speculations” for 2008… and you should like you have neither the time nor the capital to be a sucessful speculator.
    I’m personally down 25% on my current holdings of this stock (I took some gains last summer), but because it’s a tiny part of my portfolio, I’m not worried about it. If I like what I find when I look at it again, I’ll buy more before I publish. Most likely, I’ll just keep my current position, or I’ll sell if there was some big red flag I didn’t know about.
    When it comes to investing in these tiny, volatile stocks, a strong understanding of your own emotions is more important than the best research… People who just follow my research on this blog are at an automatic disadvantage to me, because I normally take investment actions before I publish. That doesn’t mean you won’t make money… there’s a lot of money to be made in this field, but you have to know yourself well to be a sucessful active investor.

  3. I recently bought Composite Technology, CPTC.ob. The stock has sold off recently, but I think wind turbines will be a great business in the coming years. Also, their transmission lines business is promising.
    I’m making the final edits on a new article that will probably be ready on Monday – TK


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