Energy Tech Stocks Interview- Utility Scale Batteries


Two weeks ago I did a phone interview with Bill Paul of Energy Tech Stocks.  Bill’s a long time WSJ reporter who got out in time before Rupert Murdoch swooped in, as well as a long time environmental journalist.  As such he interviews those of us whose job it is to have views about what’s going on in Cleantech and presents those opinions in a readable and engaging way.  He also has this addictive trick of breaking up interviews into several parts and leaving you with a cliffhanger. 

Bill’s first installment showed up in my feed reader last night.  He had some nice things to say about me and AltEnergyStocks, followed by a short recap of some ideas for investing in utility scale batteries which I go into in more detail here.

He got a few choice quotes out of me showing just how rabid I am about global warming and peak oil.  “We’re out of time for dealing with the effects of climate change," for instance. Traditional reporters still have a few tricks we bloggers with opinions could stand to learn, such as getting interviewees to open up.


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